DuPont Office Renovation

Vibrant colors paired with an open floor plan were the key elements used to transform this 1940’s era building at the DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, Delaware. Upgrading facility buildings for performance and comfort are important in meeting the demands of constantly changing research requirements. We collaborated with the site engineering team to create an open floor plan for a new group of researchers and to modernize their break rooms and meeting spaces.

Removing a raised floor and tall cubicle screens from the existing work area not only opened up the room visually, but we gained ceiling height by lowering the floor. A paired workstation pattern was used to promote collaboration while keeping travel space open and clear. Private phone call and meeting rooms are spread throughout the area to provide space for private calls and to maintain a focused work environment.

Accent wall colors are paired with the workstation and break room furniture fabrics to create consistency through the building, and throughout the site. The open floor plan allows for more natural light into the work spaces by removing barriers that blocked the light and views to the outside. Modernizing bathroom facilities and data distribution were important components of this renovation to transform this building for a new group of researchers.

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