Barbershop Facade Renovation

I have had the great opportunity to work with the Wynnefield Overbrook Revitalization Corporation on many design projects to help them improve the commercial corridor between the 1800 and 1900 blocks of N 54th street.  We have provided exterior facade designs for a few of the storefronts with the goal of both revitalizing the overall look of the corridor and to bringing more business to the individual stores.  Butts Barbershop is one of the longstanding businesses that was looking for a refresh of his building facade.

Our design included replacing the existing residential style entrance door with a new commercial storefront door with full glass.  That change will provide increased daylight and sight lines into the barbershop and make the main entrance clear.  We replaced the existing window with a larger insulated glass unit to let people see the activity inside the shop and create interest and increase business.  The storefront was further defined by the addition of a canvas awning over part of the facade.  New signage and window decals are the finishing touches creating a new branding look for the barbershop.  Our paint scheme was based on the recently renovated 2nd-floor bay windows and we also marked the entrance again with the green color against a gray background.

The door to the apartments above was also replaced and painted in the gray color to help it blend into the background and to avoid confusion at the barbershop main entrance.  Wall sconce lighting was added to provide facade lighting for the business and to improve overall street security.  A new wood planter adds texture to the overall facade design and adds some green to the commercial corridor.

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