Volunteering at the Community Design Collaborative in Philadelphia

Hello Everyone.  I haven’t posted anything to my blog in quite some time, so here is my very first Architectural interview!  Since 2003, I have been a volunteer at the Community Design Collaborative in Philadelphia and have completed many different projects.  The range of project types includes an interior renovation and expansion of a therapy center, a commercial corridor master plan, rehabilitation and creation of education and living spaces in an existing warehouse building, and facade renovations for two local businesses.

All of these projects were completed to the schematic design level and on a volunteer basis.  The clients were able to take our recommendations and schematic designs to get funding and hopefully one day become reality.  Lately my role at the Collaborative is to chair the monthly design review committee meetings – and that is the main subject of this video.  I hope that you enjoy the noirish black and white video as much as I enjoyed participating in the interview.

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