On the Boards: Porch Renovation

The owners of this beautiful home in Haddon Township, New Jersey came to us looking to completely renovate their main entrance.  Their current entrance is on the side of the house, but they wanted a more gracious and welcoming, yet direct entrance that faces the street.  We collaborated on multiple designs that would be both functional for daily life as well as aesthetically pleasing to passersby. We are excited about the final plans and moving forward with construction!

The design features a brick and bluestone stair, which has gracious landings that can hold large planters while not crowding the walk.  Relocating the door to the left side of the main facade will allow for a new interior vestibule that will activate some of the surplus space and provide climate control to the inside of the house.  A new peaked roof canopy will be built over the existing roof structure and will be supported with new brackets on each side.  The new canopy will have metal roof panels to blend into the existing shingles, while the underside will have a vault that has an accent color for a bright pop.

Having the main door and entry facing the street gives the homeowner back the space along the side of the house where the current stairs are located.  New planting areas will be created in those extra spaces and a new custom metal trellis will be featured at the corner of the entry.

We are excited about the next phase of this renovation! Look for updates on this project soon!

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