Logan Square Master Suite

We completed a full renovation of a 3rd-floor master suite in the Logan Square neighborhood in Philadelphia.  With new members of the family on the way, the owners needed to transform their bedroom quickly to free up bedroom space on the 2nd floor.  The focus of the design was to create an organization within the room while increasing the privacy for the owners.  In order to accomplish this, we designed a custom storage closet and wardrobe along the party wall that provided both needed closet space while creating a sound buffer from their neighbors.

The existing floor was removed and replaced with a new wood finish that eliminated the creaking boards and occasional nail heads poking up from the old floor.  We replaced the fixtures in the existing bathroom with new water efficient models and upgraded the finishes.  The shower was increased to run the length of the room and features a glass wall divider and continuous porcelain tile throughout the room.  We added electric floor heating under the tiles to take the chill off of those cold mornings.  Installing a new pocket door with frosted glass helped to save space while allowing sunlight into the bedroom.

A new frosted glass window and door was added to the top of stair to allow sunlight into the bedroom while creating privacy from the floors below.  The existing air conditioning unit was removed from the exterior wall and the entire house was fitted with a new efficient split heating and cooling unit.  Upgrading to the split system had the dual effect of increasing heating and cooling efficiency while leaving a smaller footprint in the room than the old through wall AC unit.  We also had the opportunity to increase the insulation throughout the space with closed cell foam and installed many energy efficient light fixtures and ceiling fan.  Ed Frenock of Equity Home Improvements, Inc was the contractor for this renovation.

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