Lutheran Church Commercial Kitchen

We collaborated with church leaders and congregation members at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion in Philadelphia to renovate their kitchen and meeting area spaces.  The conditions of their previous kitchen and gathering spaces were not optimal and made providing fellowship meals very difficult.  The facilities were also ill-equipped for preparing food and storing the tables and chairs that were moved into and out of the room on a daily basis.

We determined the optimal space for the kitchen based on clear and direct access to the fellowship halls with the added benefit of being in a previously underused location between the sanctuary and fellowship buildings.  A commercial grade kitchen provided the congregation leadership with the ability to both prepare large quantities of food for an active congregation, but also to give the opportunity for organizations to rent the space for catering and training programs.

Many building upgrades were installed to bring the fellowship hall building up to current accessibility and building codes.  Items like new exit signs, quick exit door hardware, smoke alarms and emergency lighting that were in disrepair were upgraded to improve the overall safety for the large congregation.  We also installed new bathrooms with water-efficient fixtures and increased the quantity to meet the demands of the assembly rooms.  A beverage and pantry area was added to the main fellowship room to facilitate large gatherings and we provided new finishes throughout.

The congregation at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion have put their new facilities to good use soon after the renovation was completed.  It has helped them continue to grow and to provide fellowship, which is a key function of the church.  Bruce E Brooks & Associates provided the Mechanical Electrical Plumbing design and Gardner / Fox Associates was the contractor for this project.

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