Historic Building Survey

Over the past seven years, we have had the pleasure of surveying several unique structures dating from the early 1900s for many municipalities.  Researching buildings whose uses range from an airfield hangar to a natural gas metering station have been an interesting step back in time to find out the history of buildings that have changed multiple times over the years.

Our surveys and reporting follow the HABS (historic American building survey) guidelines set forth by the US National Park Service, and we collaborate with multiple consulting agencies and disciplines to fully evaluate the subject structure.  Below are some example photographs of structures that were surveyed and our findings were reported to the appropriate agencies for recording purposes.

cropped-cropped-photo-sep-04-9-37-20-am.jpgcropped-photo-sep-04-9-31-31-am.jpgPhoto Sep 04, 11 12 51 AMPhoto Sep 04, 11 19 38 AMPhoto Sep 04, 11 02 14 AMDSCF0909Photo Dec 20, 10 01 12 AMcropped-photo-dec-20-11-05-12-am.jpgPhoto Dec 20, 11 05 12 AMPhoto Mar 22, 10 16 07 AM