On the Boards: Tri-State Data Recovery Facade Renovation

Tri-State Data Recovery has been providing computer hard drive repair and data recovery services since 2010.  During that time, they have moved from New Jersey to their current location in Havertown, Pennsylvania to better serve clients in the Tri-State region.  The interior of the store had been recently renovated, but the exterior was due for a refresh to have it match the look of the interior.

We discussed parts of the existing storefront that should stay intact, and what items definitely needed to be removed early in the process.  A painted metal screen is the primary element of the facade, and it wraps around the existing clearstory and display windows.  A metal panel soffit and base help to frame the screen and to provide some protection from the elements.  New accent lighting will be incorporated into the metal panel soffit to highlight the bold screening.

The color scheme for the renovation matches the black and green colors found throughout the interior and on the Tri-State Data Recovery sign graphics.  The bold green color stands out against the black background of the building, while the white door with green accent helps to signify the main entrance.  We are very excited for this project to begin and to see the storefront changes in store for Tri-State Data Recovery, stay tuned for updates.


Schematic Design Data Recover_option G_001

New Green Screen Over a Black Background

Schematic Design Data Recover_option G_002Schematic Design Data Recover_option G_003



Photo Sep 13, 9 51 28 AM

Existing Building Facade


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