On the Boards: Historic Rowhouse Renovation

The owners of this three-story, two-bay rowhouse on a scenic Philadelphia street were looking for a complete interior renovation to their home in order to open up the living spaces, which are currently separated by dividing walls.  A second-floor addition was needed to add enough space to the house to fit a new master bathroom without expanding the first-floor footprint.  We placed the addition to be on top of the existing kitchen, which was an addition made to the house in the 1900s.    

The ability to remove interior walls between the living, dining room, and kitchen was crucial to open up the living spaces.  Since the exterior side-walls provide the structural bearing, we were able to remove large portions of the walls (after consulting with our structural engineer).  We collaborated  with Karen Cronin Design for interior finishes and space planning and with Lipperini Structural Engineering for the structural analysis. 

The interior design had multiple iterations before we agreed on a layout that would maximize the open space while providing the required amenities.  Coordination with the Philadelphia Historic Commission was key in the early stages of the project to confirm that the exterior addition and modifications would meet their criteria.  We are looking forward to this renovation starting the spring of 2019.


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