Athletic Recreation Center Garden Space 

I have had multiple rewarding opportunities over the past couple of years to design and develop improvements at the Athletic Recreation Center in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philadelphia.  The last project that I participated in there was for interior improvements during the AEC Cares “Blitz Build.”

This time I partnered with friends from BWA Architecture + Planning to develop an unused fenced section of space into a vibrant activity garden.  Habitat for Humanity is providing the labor and materials through many generous donors to make the design a reality.

We used various heights of wood planters in combination with built in bench seating to define the perimeter of the multipurpose space.  Cedar slats were inserted into the existing chain link fence to create a screen and to soften the harsh chain link material. Wood was also used to extend the posts enough to be at an optimal height for string lights for the occasional evening use.  Planter posts and other accessories, like a potting bench and community bulletin board complete the space, while providing needed storage and information for the public about future activities.

A handicap accessible ramp with a galvanized metal skirt is also part of the design but it may be installed in a subsequent phase of the project.  We are excited to participate once again in the transformation of the Athletic Recreation Center and will keep you posted on the progress of the garden space.

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