Home Office Renovation

Attic and loft spaces are excellent opportunities for expanding the livable space in older homes. Taking underused rooms, such as attics, and remodeling them into functional spaces like offices or studies can maximize the options for home expansion where addition space is limited or non existent.

For this home office renovation, we focused on color and materials to enliven the existing attic. The length of the attic created two distinct zones, the office and the lounge. Features of the office are abundant shelving contoured to the existing roof angles painted with a colorful backdrop to accent the window wall. A fabric seating area has storage beneath and is placed under the window for views to the back yard. A custom fabricated standing desk with a cherry top was created by The Factory Workers, a local craftsman, to exact height specifications.

The lounge features a fold-down couch and adjustable seating for informal discussion or the occasional meeting. Rugs that are similar in pattern but vary in color help define the different spaces, with the brightest color in the office to align with the warmer wood tones and fabrics. Gold tones are the main feature on the stair in the ornamental metal guardrail and the pendant light. A shelf on the landing is a perfect place to display awards or photos creating the finishing touch for this home office renovation.

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