Basement Transformation

Basements are often one of the greatest underutilized spaces in our clients’ homes.  Our goal for this project was to help the owners understand the potential uses for their 2,000 square foot unfinished basement.  We started with programming the desired rooms to go along with the unique activities that could happen in the basement.  Activities like exercise, theatre style movies, games, and entertainment were at the core of our design.

We utilized 2-dimensional space planning to show how the rooms connect to each other and flow throughout the basement.  The 2D space plans were paired with 3-dimensional renderings to highlight how the spaces could look separately and as an overall design.  Materials and finishes were also built into the renderings to give the best possible view of how the completed renovation could look.

The renovation design features a movie screening room with a projector and flat screen accent wall.  An open game room with room for a pool table and shuffleboard has a finished wood standing height counter at the perimeter.  A full bar with a glass wall wine cooler is another highlight area with finished wood and stone materials.  The workout room has many of the items that are found in commercial gyms.  Mirror walls, resilient mat flooring, a television monitor for workout videos, and built-in supports for heavy bag or pull-up bar brackets.  A pair of French doors separates the workout room from the rest of the open plan layout for privacy while keeping the connection to the adjacent spaces.

Additional spaces like a visitor bedroom with bunk beds to create a family suite, a bathroom with a full shower, and utility spaces complete the design.  We maintained the connections to the outdoor patio through the open game space, so the outside patio can be used as an extension of the entertainment rooms inside.  We are excited to see this basement transformation take place.  By using the combination of 2D space planning and 3D rendering, we were able to help the owners realize the best way to use their underutilized space.

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