The Wellness Collective

The Wellness Collective building renovation was developed as a multi-suite building with a group of practitioners that focused on community wellness. We renovated two buildings that have had various uses over the years with the most recent being the offices for a transportation company. The goal was to take the multiple parts of this building and combine them in such a way that unifies the design throughout two very separate occupancies. We opened up the dividing wall between the two and one-story structures and created a common corridor that connects all suites on both floors. Anchoring all of these rooms is a main gathering space that is filled with natural light and is made for formal or informal meetings or public events.

Each practitioner group has developed their own design style inside of each suite while the overall common spaces maintain a clean and open aesthetic. Pediatric physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy, connective tissue therapy, chiropractor, and counseling are some of the wellness practitioners that have made the Wellness Collective their home.

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