On the Boards: Facade Renovation, Commercial Corner Storefront

As part of the ongoing renovations to the commercial corridor on the 1800 and 1900 blocks of N 54th street in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia, I worked with the Wynnefield Overbrook Revitalization Corporation to develop exterior facade renovations on a prominent corner for a 2 story building with an existing business on the 1st-floor corner and apartments above.  I provided a design that will help provide a consistent look throughout the corridor and to increase traffic for the business.

The main improvement of the facade was to open it up by removing barriers to increase the number of storefront windows on both sides of the corner property.  We intend to improve the natural sunlight into the store and allow people to see into the business to create interest on the street.  The main entrance door located on the corner of the building will be replaced with a storefront door with a large glass window.  Wood paneling is designed for the corner above the door to hide the new efficient air conditioning unit.  New canvas awnings were added to the design above the new insulated windows to unify both main facades.  A wood planter and paneling above are meant to add texture to the design and to add vegetation to the sidewalk.

Pent roofs were designed above the existing bay windows to mimic the clay tile mansard roofs on the adjacent businesses along the 1800 block.  New signage above the 1st floor and vinyl lettering on the windows will provide the business with a branding meant to increase business.  This project is in schematic design and hopefully will become a reality in the near future.

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