Why should I hire an Architect?

“I really want to renovate a couple of rooms; an Architect wouldn’t be interested in a small project – besides, aren’t they only interested in designing skyscrapers?” 

I hear statements like that occasionally and those who don’t vocalize these opinions are probably thinking similar questions when faced with their very own construction project.  I can understand the reluctance that people feel when considering the services of an Architect.  It would be intimidating to go into an opulent office downtown to discuss renovating your kitchen or bedroom with someone who may not be willing to work on a seemingly small project.  You would have to make an appointment to meet at the office and it probably would be during the weekday – so you would have to take time off of work to meet.  The thought of working with someone so unapproachable seems like a great big headache.  It doesn’t have to be like this.

Many Architects are eager to work with you on renovation projects of any size.  We love to discuss your design whether it’s a dream kitchen renovation or a neighborhood master plan.  It is not the size of the project that matters, but rather the potential for great design. We are willing to meet when you are available and often travel to your office or house.  Being approachable and accommodating is very important to us.  We take the time to listen and help you visualize your finished space long before any construction begins.

The benefit of hiring an Architect is that they will not only help you design a room beyond your expectation, but you will also gain an advocate for your vision.

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  1. Mom and Dad are thinking of re-doing their 80’s purple marbled tile bathroom! You should share this with them.

    PS: I kinda like the door latch. Reminds me of G-Mom’s summer house.

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