On the Boards: Pennypack Environmental Center Kitchen

Pennypack Environmental Center has been educating the Philadelphia area for many years about our natural environment and the creatures that live alongside us.  Opened in 1958 as a bird sanctuary,  the Pennypack Environmental Center has grown over the years to include an amphitheater, outdoor campfire, picnic areas, educational exhibits, and a reference library.

One little known part of the center is a demonstration kitchen that teaches kids how to make maple syrup straight from the trees in the park.  The kitchen is in need of a renovation in order to strengthen their outreach programs for the surrounding community.  New cabinets are needed to help store materials and supplies that are required for daily operation and for group activities.  New appliances and ventilation will replace equipment that is near the end of their life cycle, to be replaced with energy efficient models.

New plastic laminate base cabinets and Corian counter tops will be in the kitchen and reception areas to tie the two adjacent areas together, while keeping close to the overall natural look of the Environmental Center.  Wood reclaimed from the reception walls and partial height wall will be re-purposed into a new display board featuring ceramic tiles, which had been painted by children from a summer camp program.

We, along with the Pennypack Environmental Center and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, are excited for this renovation to enhance the educational programs provided to the public.   We will update this page as this renovation becomes a reality! Stay tuned!

Proposed Kitchen SK-1_opt_001

Schematic Floor Plan

Proposed Kitchen SK-1_opt_002

Proposed  Kitchen and Reception View #1

Proposed Kitchen SK-1_opt_003

Proposed Kitchen and Reception View #2

Proposed Kitchen SK-1_opt_004

Proposed View of Folding Presentation table

Proposed Kitchen SK-1_opt_005

Proposed Kitchen Interior View 1

Proposed Kitchen SK-1_opt_006

Proposed Kitchen Interior View 2

Proposed Kitchen SK-1_opt_007

Proposed Kitchen Interior View 3


Photo Feb 15, 1 41 39 PM

Existing Mobile Worktable

Photo Feb 15, 1 44 10 PM

Existing Kitchen

Photo Feb 15, 1 44 27 PM

Existing Tile Display and Work Counter Top

Photo Feb 15, 1 46 36 PM

Existing Tile Display at Reception Counter

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